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The Medical Forum Theatre Value Statement


The MFT aspires to be the leading short stay surgical care provider in the Eastern Cape.


The MFT is committed to providing professional care for our patients in a cost effective, state of the art facility. We employ passionate individuals, working in teams to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organisation.


We believe that our patients and their families are of the utmost importance to our organisation and we are committed to treating them with dignity and respect at all times.

We are focused on maintaining our state of the art facility by ensuring that we uphold the applicable regulations we may be governed by.


We have a high regard for our profession and we take pride in providing a service that reflects our passion.

We are also committed to doing so with empathy and care; whilst ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity.


We value and recognise individual diversity but appreciate that with teams of dedicated and committed staff members we are able to achieve even greater heights.

We understand that working together with our patients, doctors, visitors, colleagues and suppliers we can add value to our organisation.


We realise that communication is  a critical component of our interactions and we strive to communicate in an accurate, open and honest manner.

We continually promote the nurturing of sustainable relationships between ourselves and our patients, doctors, visitors, colleagues and suppliers.


We are an organisation that is Motivated, Accountable and Dedicated to encouraging practice growth in our individuals and our teams.

We are also dedicated to looking for effective and efficient wats to improve our daily operations.


We diligently evaluate our processes and procedures to ensure that we remain as cost efficient as possible for the benefit of our patients and the sustainability of our organisation.

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