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Frequently asked questions

How long after my procedure can I go home?

Your stay with us will be about 3 - 4 hours, please understand this time is just a guideline. We suggest that you bring something with you to pass the time.

Do I need to bring additional clothing with?

Medical Forum Theatre will provide you with clothing (a gown) for theatre. You do not need to bring pyjamas or toiletries with you after your recovery time you will be discharged and may go home

Can I drive myself home after discharge?

No, please ensure that you have arranged with a friend, partner or relative to collect you after you have been discharged as you should not drive a motor vehicle for twenty four hours following general or local anaesthetic.

Can anyone make use of the hospital?

Yes, anyone can make use of the facility by either introducing your current attending doctor to Medical Forum Theatre or by selecting a dentist, general practitioner or specialist that already utilises the facility.
(For a list of doctors click here)

Do you accept all medical aids?

We accept all South African medical aids – certain plans / options may restrict your choice of hospital or require a co-payment. If you are unsure please contact our admissions staff or your medical aid to find out more

What steps must I follow to get authorisation from my medical aid
for my procedure?

All medical aid schemes require patients to obtain authorisation before their procedure if you do not obtain the authorisation number your medical aid may not pay for the bill and you may be liable to settle the hospital fees.

You will need to provide your medical aid with all the details that your admitting doctor has provided you.

This will include:

  • Written medical diagnosis and code of the
    surgical procedure your will be undergoing.
  • The practice number of your attending doctor.
  • Medical Forum Theatre Day Hospital practice number.
  • Anaesthetists practice number.
  • Hospital admission date.

Please ensure that you are aware of your medical aid scheme/ plan benefits, levies, limits, exclusions, co-payments or waiting periods.

If I do not have a medical aid, can I still use MFT?

Yes. You will then be classified as a private patient and will need to settle your own account.

Why can I not eat before my procedure?

You may not eat or drink for 6 to 8 hours before your surgery this is due to “aspiration”. Aspiration means that foreign material such as vomit, food or liquid is inhaled or blown into your trachea or lungs.

When you are under anaesthesia or unconscious your body’s reflexes are temporarily stopped and if you have food or liquid in your stomach this can be expelled into your lungs – which is very dangerous.

What are the costs of procedures at Medical Forum Theatre?

Your surgery fee is made up of various costs:

  • Surgeons Fee.
  • Theatre Fee (this is our Fee).
  • Anaesthetists Fee.
  • Pathology Fee (not always required).

Once you have obtained the surgeons fee please contact our accounts department for a quote for your Theatre Fee. Please keep in mind that the surgeon will also have a preferred Anaesthetists whom will bill separately as well.

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